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Sunset really is a good time to photograph!

While it's true that around sunrise and sunset the light is directional and soft and warm, those of you that have been on a photo tour with me on Santorini will know I am just as happy to shoot in the middle of the day.

One of the skills of being a great travel photographer is dealing with the light you have, at the time of day you happen to be visiting the destination you are at. We don't always get a choice about these things! Although as perfectionists, we try hard...

Sometimes however, everything just comes together. While visiting Turkey recently I went for a walk down to the local harbor in Ayvalik, and just as the sun was setting I found this cute fishing boat:

Fishing Boat at sunset in Turkey. © Olaf Reinen /

I love old boats, harbors, old buildings - basically anything with character. There's a charm about them that can't be achieved with new shiny things.

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