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Photography is a combination of art and science. Learning to combine the two to perfection takes practice and a keen eye. Helping you to speed up the process, and shortcut the years of experience I have gained, is why I'm here. That's what Photography workshops and tours are all about.


Here’s what people say after a tour:

"Thanks for an amazing photo tour. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed every moment.  I love all my photos from that day and the rest of my time in Santorini and it was such a pleasure to have your advice - your passion for photography is amazing and you're a great teacher. Patient. Funny. Inspiring.

Thank you for showing me a different side to Santorini."

-Many thanks, Stacey M


"We would like to thank you very much for spending the day with us. Importantly you had ignited the passion for Kin to be more serious with her photography.

We just briefly previewed the shot and I would say that Kin will be very chuffed with the outcome.

Your patience, knowledge and the desire to teach is a real gem.

Thank you again and we will send you a few shots that make you feel proud."

- Regards, Chen

"Thank you so much for  our wonderful day with you in Santorini  which was the highlight of our cruise.
Your kindness, patience and encouragement meant a tremendous amount to us and we learned so much from you in a short space of time. 
We really appreciate all your help and for giving us more of your time than we deserved.
We will now take a completely different approach to our photography, endeavouring to use the many suggestions and
tips you gave us.  We are very pleased with the photos we took in Santorini. With best wishes to you and your family.

- Chris & Margaret

"First of all I want to tell you that your spring newsletter was much appreciated.  I really enjoyed seeing every one of your photos!  My husband and I enjoyed your tour immensely.  My husband really had not been looking forward to coming with me on a photography tour as he has no interest in cameras at all but your tour turned out to be a highlight of our trip for both of us!"
-Debbie & Mark, USA


"Thanks for a fantastic Friday.... Amanda, in particular, is back home with so much more confidence with her camera....and I'm finally eliminating the ''dazzling'' white bits from my shots! Really can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with us, a great morning out!  All the best."
-Iain and Amanda.

"I really appreciate your wisdom and lessons learned that will help me improve my photography. Chris and I continue to repeat your sage advice as we take more photos. We're headed back to Oia today for more photo adventures!
I was so impressed with all your knowledge, and more importantly, how you "met me where I was" in terms of my skill level - and then stretched me to get out of my box artistically while improving my skill level. You were so gentle with your feedback and I felt like I was constantly learning the entire time. 
Blessings to you, your wife and son."
-Valerie and Chris, USA

"We want to thank you for a truly memorable day last Wednesday.  You were a joy to be with and we came away with great ideas for taking better pictures.  I think that my husband's shots from the rest of our trip reflect your tutelage!  Thank you again - our Santorini day was one that we will never forget!"
Laraine W, USA

"We are home back in Seattle, Washington in the rain. I wanted to thank you for a fantastic day! I truly enjoyed the tour and will continue to practice what I learned! Thank you."
- Kevin & Brenda, USA

"My thanks again for the delightful day you shared with Phil and me.  The tour, instruction, stories and good laughs will remain wonderful memories - and I'll have the pictures to tickle the gray cells!   Many thanks and safe travels to you and yours!"
-Kristi, USA

"Michael and I recently returned from our fabulous vacation to Greece and Israel and we wanted to  email you some of our wonderful photos of Santorini, taken on our memorable day with you!  We want to thank you again for a great day of touring the island  with you and for all your great tips on how better to use our camera! We found ourselves the whole rest of our trip using your rules of the "Three C's"!!!"
-Debbie and Michael, USA

"Thank you for creating the best day of our trip so far!!!  Mick and I had an awesome day with you. Thank you so much for the photo tips. Thanks again and we hope to book another photo day when we return :-)"
-Shannan and Mick


"We had a ball with you, and many thanks for your generosity with tips and time. We both learnt about and improved our camera skills and ways of thinking about images (in between belly laughs)!
Many thanks for the notes they will come in handy. We will definitely write a recommendation on trip adviser, and when we download our pics will see if any are worthy of sharing etc.
- Sally A, Australia

"The best tour I've ever been on!"
-D. Newsholme, USA

"Thank you again for the two wonderful photo sessions.  I have only positive
comments!  You were informative, interesting, and your enthusiasm for
photography is certainly contagious.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have both
a better knowledge of my camera and a deeper appreciation for the art and
technique of photography. I will keep practicing!"

-Kirsty B, Canada" was an excellent tour with outstanding photo opportunities."
-James S, Canada

“Again thank you so much for sharing with me. you opened my eyes to better photography. My husband was totally impressed with my improvement.”
-Liani W, USA.

“Thanks again for a brilliant time!  I thoroughly enjoyed it! Hope to get back there someday and spend more time.”
-J. Emmanuel, New Zealand

"I really like the photo lesson of yesterday and now i have 4 more islands where put in practice what you tell me. Thank you for your help and for all the advices that you tell me to improve the quality of my photos."
-F. De Leon, Switzerland

"Thanks again for a wonderful informative tour."
Mark N, UK