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Shotz Tours is run by professional photographer Judy Reinen.


Judy Reinen

For me, being a photographer is an extension of who I am.

It's my delight to share what I've learnt over the past 30 years as a professional photographer, with people who wish to enjoy their photography too.

I have an inner excitement when I hold a camera - I'm out and about to see the world in a fresh new way, every time I go out! What's going to inspire me today? What will I capture to treasure forever?

I come alive photographing - capturing this amazing world around us. Join me and together we can experience new ways to enjoy our world with our cameras.

During my years as a professional photographer, I have enjoyed a variety of genres, and have been blessed with some awards along the way:

  • I received 1st (twice) in the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International worldwide competition. I also received 2nd four times in the same competition.
  • I had a range of Greeting cards published in the UK with images of cats and dogs, which won a Henry Award for best range of Photographic Images.
  • I have had a range of books, greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, posters etc licensed under the Judy Reinen brand name with my cat and dog photos on a range of products worldwide.
    • ​I have also photographed and licensed a range of wild, domestic and farm animals from 8 inch's away under the headfirst brand with large selection of  plush toys and two books from this range along with many other products. FAO Swartz in New York city had an entire window of these plush toys.

So join Judy on an upcoming Photo Tour on the stunning Greek Islands. You'll learn how to take better pictures, get to see some more of this beautiful world, and maybe have some fun along the way. After all, that's what life should be about!