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Thirassia Island

Santorini's best kept secret

With spectacular views back to Santorini, and just 150 residents, Thirassia island is like stepping back in time to the 1950's.

Just a short boat ride away, it's a huge leap back in time. 

Thirassia is a wonderful place to explore - a photographer's dream of old Greek villages, panoramic vistas, pure blue waters, and a unique charm that is all it's own. Plus you get to look back to Santorini island. You can visit for half a day, or stay over for the night. Either way it's worth a visit.


Thirassia island definitely enchants, and makes you want to go back for more of it's peaceful and relaxing charm. I will return for sure! (If you want to see the photos in higher resolution click here to go to my Thirassia Album on Flickr).

If you are coming back to Santorini and want to experience something truly unique, we can arrange a photography tour to Thirassia for you.

Sunset over the monastery, Thirassia Island

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